That's What Brie Said

*Arizona State. 22 years alive.
*Life is beautiful, and even when I don't act like it is, I still know that it is.


water is fucked up because you need it to live and then it drowns you just because it can

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lol this lil white girl is tru as shit

no crying no whining no tears she was ready to pop off

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true love is when you buy the hard copy of an album even though you’ve already illegally downloaded it

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Olaf as some of the Disney Princesses!!!!!!

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This changed me.

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Good Vibes HERE

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When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.


Eisley @ The Boot & Saddle - 4.5.14 (by The Swollen Fox Music Blog)

Photos by Wendy McCardle


Give Me Love - Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran (credit to +)

most perfect thing i’ve heard, they need to do a duet

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Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

This right here is what advertising should be. Not sexualizing men and women. Just clever little things like this.

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